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A simple easy-to-use system for managing teachers, students, schedules, invoicing and much, much more.


School management software that users love.

Here are a few of our recent upgrades and what is in the pipeline.


A school management system with all the tools you need.

SchoolMate is a modular system allowing you to choose what you want to use in your school. Below we take a look at the modules and what they can do for your school.


School Admin

A perfect platform for school administrators. Easy-to-use and designed to lower your school’s administration workload.


Increase Productivity

Save time, get organised and manage: schedules, teachers, students, courses, finance payments and documents from one central system.

Information at your fingertips!

Answer all those questions from management, teachers and students easily and quickly as SchoolMate handles all aspects of the administration of a language school.


Teaching is all about communication! Encourage teachers to interact with students and share results, tests and teaching files.


Keep everyone updated

Attendance & Marks can be entered and shared with student and parents. Students can search for materials, check their calendar, grades and payment schedules.

Strengthen the relationship

Encourage interaction between teachers and students by sharing attendance, test results and lesson.


Our flexible and seamless finance module built specifically for language schools allows you to invoice your students, pay your teachers and manage debtors.


Easy, Automated Invoices

Drastically reduce your time spent on invoices, bills and receipts with our flexible invoicing system. Send them to the student with just one click!

All you need in one place.

Full records of payment plans, debtors, discounts. All your finances are within easy reach in SchoolMate.


Create a seamless website registration process for potential students.


Making online registration quick and easy is essential

Having the registration module integrated directly into your website so the whole process is automated means you get the right information first time round and saves you time.

Collect the right information

Collecting the information you want: courses interested in, preferred days and times, placement test results, is easy using the registration modules custom fields.

Study Drive

Brings all your educational files together in one central place so materials and tests can be shared with teachers and students. Access them anytime, from anywhere.


Improve teaching quality

Teachers can share files with and create online tests for students so you can check progress easily.

Increase efficiency and security

Store all your teaching educational files in secure online Cloud storage and save time accessing them.


Never miss an opportunity. Now there is a better way to capture and manage contacts, track opportunities, log calls, emails and increase sales performance.


Track opportunities

Central place where you can plan, record contact history, add notes, schedule follow-ups and organise the next step in the sales cycle.

Task management

View all your task management list and all past and upcoming events on a handy timeline and assign tasks to other team members.


Resources is a popular and convenient way for teachers and students to reserve and borrow materials.


Streamline the lending process.

Teachers and students can reserve materials through their SchoolMate account. Return dates and signatures are all controlled by this module.

Organise materials management.

Keep track of the items that have left your school: who they are with and when they should come back.


Powerful reporting tool that improves productivity, accountability and gives you and insight into your school


Strategic planning and forecasting

Always have access to your data to explore and monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your school and make decisions based on real-time data.

Get the big picture

Use our wide range of pre-built reports covering all aspects of running a school or customise and create your own.


Collect opinions and valuable feedback. Create, distribute and analyse anonymous online surveys to gather valuable opinions, insights and feedback from your students, parents and teachers on how they rate your school.


Boost engagement and interaction.

Let your customers know that their opinions about your school, teaching quality and teaching methods are important to you.

Informed decisions are just around the corner!

Easily analyse the performance ratings to help you make informed business decisions on the way forward.

Online Bank Feeds

Speed and automation. Link your school’s bank account feeds to your SchoolMate account and reconcile transactions quickly and ensure that your financial records are always accurate and up to date.


Time saving

Linking your online bank feeds to SchoolMate saves you time on entering and reconciling transactions, helping your school increase efficiency and productivity.

Better cash flow

By regularly reconciling your bank accounts you can keep track of who has paid and chase up those who haven’t much more easily.

Test for free

Check how the SchoolMate Platform works for 30 days, completely free, no strings attached.