Kit Digital

Kit Digital

December 23, 2023Karol Wojtyła

Kit Digital

What is Kit Digital?

Kit Digital is an aid programme of the Spanish Government to help small businesses and self-employed individuals improve their use of digital tools and services. There is funding available in key areas such as internet presence, electronic sales, customer management, digital office, process automation and cybersecurity. The overall aim is to help small businesses improve to increase their use of digital services and improve productivity.

How can Kit Digital help my language school?

One of the categories that schools can apply for funds is Process Management. The main objective of this category is to digitize and/or automate your business operations. SchoolMate helps you optimize and automate all your school’s financial and academic processes: (online) payments, remittances, debt control, attendance, grades, reporting etc.. We can help you apply for Kit Digital funding to enable you to start using SchoolMate in your school.

What will it cost me to apply and how much can I apply for?

There are no costs involved in applying, whether you are successful or not.

What amount of funding is available to my language school?

The amount that is available depends upon the number of employees that your school has and the number of categories for which you apply for funds. These are the maximum amounts available:

  • 0 < 3 employees: €2,000
  • 3 < 9 employees: €3,000
  • 10 < 50 employees: €6,000

How much funding can I get for SchoolMate?

SchoolMate is priced to be affordable for all sizes of school, so you may not need to use all your Kit Digital funding, and can use the balance elsewhere. Usually, we charge monthly, based on the modules used and the number of active students a school has. To simplify things for Kit Digital clients, we have three annual subscription plans based on your average number of students and with all modules activated. Each plan includes full support and training for the 12 months; you will also have access to our mobile app for students and teachers.


1. What happens at the end of the Kit Digital funding period?

You will be able to continue using your SchoolMate account and access all your data without any interuptions. You will convert to our regular monthly payment plans.

2. Will the price of SchoolMate change once Kit Digital funding stops?

During the Kit Digital period you will have access to all modules for an agreed number of students. Once the Kit Digital funding has ended you can convert to monthly billing based on the actual number of students you have. In effect you may not want to use all the modules and your monthly invoice total will most likely fall. You can see our standard pricing model here.

3. I have already had a Kit Digital bonus payment. Can I apply for another bonus to use SchoolMate?

There are 10 different Kit Digital categories you can apply for. SchoolMate’s services are applied for under the Process Management – Gestión de procesos – category. If you haven’t applied for this category previously, or have a credit left, you may still be able for a Kit Digital bonus to use SchoolMate. We will be happy to go through this in detail with you and our digitilization agents.

4. Do I have to use your digitalization agents?

No, you can use any company you choose.

5. Why do I need a digitalization agency?

To avoid any potential misuse of public funds, the government decided that only vetted companies can handle the application process for funding. This ensures that any digitalization agencies will provide you with a good service in helping your school’s digital progress.

6. Our school is already using SchoolMate. Can we apply for Kit Digital funding?

No, applications for funding must be to introduce new processes into businesses not to cover existing ones.

7. What do I do next to get things moving?

You can apply yourself to the Kit Digital here, or just let us do the work for you. We will take care of the application and all the paperwork at no cost to you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at