Students’ App – New release!

Students’ App – New release!

December 11, 2022John O'Keefe

We have just released version 2 of Android and iOS versions of our smartphone app for students. This is a great way to increase the “stickiness” of a student to your school. Once they can see that you are providing them with a way to connect to your school at all times, it will make it more difficult to try another school. Also, when they show their info to their friends, they will be advertising your school on your behalf.

Students can:

  • Upload their photo & edit their profile.
  • See details of their upcoming lessons.
  • Check what was done in a lesson and see what the homework is.
  • Get their attendance statistics.
  • Access all their academic records.
  • Get news of what is happening in the school.
  • Sign electronic contracts online.

There is a tutorial for students on how to download and use the app here.