Accommodation facilities

August 3, 2018Karol Wojtyła

This is where we store and add accommodation addresses to the system:

accommodation facilities

Click on Add accommodation facility and a card will appear. Enter the following:

  1. Details – enter address etc.,
  2. Reservation confirmation – some facilities might need to be confirmed before the booking is guaranteed.
  3. Select from the the options for type of accommodation, location and board type. These are contained in Accommodation Settings.
  4. These extra options are subsets of the main items mentioned in 3.
  5. Click Save

adding accommodation facility

The facility will then be added to the main area on the card where it can be searched for and filters applied etc.,example of accommodation facility

Adding Rooms:

After we have created the facility, we need to add rooms that students can be placed into:

  1. Go to the Rooms card
  2. Click Add Room

adding a room

Fill in the information about the room(s) available:

room details