The Company Card – Main Page

October 19, 2018Karol Wojtyła

General Card

After you have created your company in the system a card will be created:

Company card

Activate corporate account:

This creates an account for the HR Manager to log in and see their employees study details. After activating the card will change to:

  1. Assign students to the company.
  2. Switch off the HR Manager account.
  3. Send access details to HR Manger.
  4. Send access details to students.

corporate account activated

Cards Storing Information:

The top line contains cards of different sorts of information which will be covered elsewhere in this tutorial module.

Edit and Other Actions:

Clicking on the 3 lines will make this appear:

edit company

  1. Login – This option allows you to log in as the HR Manager. This is useful if you want to check what they can see.
  2. Edit billing data – Update contact details for invoices.
  3. Edit access details – Here you can change the HR Manager’s user name and password.
  4. Remove – delete.
  5. Print access details – Prints out the HR Manager’s user name and password.

Edit Company:

Clicking on this icon

edit company

will open up the company card and you can edit it.

Archive Company:

Clicking on this icon

archive company

will archive the company. You can find out more about Archiving here.

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