December 13, 2019 Karol Wojtyła

Conflicts are shown on the Main Page here:


A conflict is when a teacher or room is doubled booked; there can also be a group conflict if two lessons are clashing.

How can I find where the conflicts are?

If you go to the group card, in the Status column, the groups that have a conflict are marked with a “C”

How to see conflicts

To be able to see this column you must have Status ticked in Settings:

  1. Click on the three lines.
  2. Choose Settings.


and then select Status and Save & Close.


If there are conflicts in a group, they will show on the Conflict card of the Group:

  1. The Edit Lesson and Expand lesson to get more details about the conflict.
  2. The types of conflicts possible.
  3. The type of conflict in this particular case – the classroom is double booked.

conflicts card
Conflicts can also be seen on the Lessons card for the group:lessons card

If you have one or two conflicts, it is fine to edit them from the Conflict card, but if there are more it will be quicker to edit them in bulk from the lesson card. Alternatively, you could delete them all and recreate them using the Lessons Generator.

There is a conflict on the Main Page but there is nothing showing in the Status column.

If this happens then the reason most likely is that there is a conflict with a group which has been Archived. Switch on the Archives and then look at the Status column again.

Open archives