October 2, 2018Karol Wojtyła

The types of documents you can create templates for are:

  • Student Contracts.
  • Student Certificates.
  • Other – this is an extra template that can be used for students, teachers and teacher settlement.
  • Contracts – this is used for teacher contracts.
  • Contract Bills – this is used for teacher settlement.
  • Company Contracts.

Go to School Admin – Documents and click “Create a new template”.

create a new template

After you have clicked Create a new template a new page will appear. This is the top part:

  1. Select the type of document you want to create a template for.
  2. Name the document. You can have
  3. Add an additional description if required.

new document template

The bottom half of the page is:

  1. This section contains the items that the system can place in this particular type of document. If you click on an item it will appear in the bottom part.
  2. This section contains tools to help you edit, place logos etc., in the document.
  3. Here is an example of a document template. The marked items have been selected from section one and placed in the appropriate position.

template tokens

After Creating a Document

After you have created the template it is stored under templates:

  1. Here is the template
  2. You can print, edit and delete the template from here.

after template is done

Creating Documents

Documents can be created on the document cards of students, teachers, companies and teacher settlement. When you create a document it will be stored on the relevant card but all documents are also held here:

  1. Document Type.
  2. Documents of that type created.
  3. Print, edit and remove.
  4. Scroll through documents.