How can I see which lessons are missing attendance?

January 4, 2019 Karol Wojtyła

Having your teachers enter attendance and lesson details into the system in a timely manner is very important. There are two ways to discover which teachers are behind schedule.

Academics Module:

If you click on the Academics Module in the main menu it will take you to the following:

  1. Click on Class Details.
  2. Select a group or leave blank to view all.
  3. Enter a time period you want to check for.
  4. Here you can see whether attendance and class details have been entered or not.

academics module

Reports Module:

There is a special report to check missing attendance and lesson details:

  1. Go to Reports Module.
  2. Select Class Details report.

Class Details

When the report appears:

  1. Enter the dates you wish to check for.

Enter the dates

Using the Filter button at the bottom of the page:

Filter Button

You can add conditions:

  1. To remove all completed attendances, for example.
  2. When finished, click Find.

Add conditions

The results will appear and you can, using the XLS button at the bottom of the page, export the results to Excel:

Export to Excel