How to correct invoices

July 22, 2019Karol Wojtyła

If you make a mistake when creating an invoice, there are a few things you can do to correct it:

Correcting the Transaction

If you create a transaction but have not issued the invoice you can correct the details by clicking on the Edit icon. You can then Save it and continue as normal. This is the Payment tab on the Student Card:

Edit transaction

Correcting an issued invoice

After you have created the invoice you can edit the amount due and print and send that but the system will still record the original amount of the invoice as the amount due in Reports etc.,

Creating Invoice

Issue a Correction Document

Go to Finance – Invoices find the relevant invoice and click Issue Correction

How to correct an invoice

Remember that you will need to have enter Numbering for Correction Documents in Finance Settings before you can issue this type of document.

In the correction editing window change whatever needs to be changed i.e. date of issue, printed status and enter the value after correction. If you want to reverse the whole invoice, enter 0. In the Notes field, you can enter the reason for the correction and then save the changes.

Make the correction

The original invoice still exists but now there is a correction listed so everything balances:

Correction listed

And a Correction document:

Correct document

Can I delete the invoice?

Yes, you can but that invoice’s number is not used again so you will have a missing invoice in your accounts. You could print the invoice before you delete it and create a contra-document, such as a credit note, outside of the system but you should check with your accountant first.