Import Students

July 31, 2019Karol Wojtyła

This feature allows you to import students via an Excel sheet. It is particularly useful when creating your SchoolMate account as you can upload all your students and their data, or if you can a new company client with a lot of employees.

Go to School Admin – Students – Import Students and download the demo Excel file.

Import Students

The demo Excel file has columns for all the fields that are on the Student Card. If there are some extra fields that you want to import you can do so by adding “Additional information” items; you can find out how to create these here.

  1. Two fields are obligatory are first name and surname.
  2. You cannot remove columns. If you have no data to insert, leave blank.

If you have added Additional information fields that are not text, but are

  1. Drop-down, then what you put into that field on the Excel sheet must be in the drop-down list in your account.
  2. Check box, there are two possible values that can go into the Excel fields: Y which turns the button green and N which leaves it Red.
  3. Date – you must use the same date format when you enter data in that field.

Additional Information

Import Data

There is a maximum of 500 records per upload, but we recommend that you try and upload a small sample of data as a test first.

  1. When you are ready to upload the data close the Excel file on your computer.
  2. Click Upload File.
  3. Select the file from your computer

Upload file

Errors in Upload

If there are any errors in your Excel sheet an error message will appear. You will need to Cancel the upload, correct the errors and re-upload:

Error in Upload

Successful Upload

When all line on the Excel sheet are correct, click the “Save” button:

Successful Upload

After clicking the “Save” button you will be asked whether you want to save the names and details as Students or Student Prospects:

Students or Prospective Students