May 20, 2018Karol Wojtyła

Groups Menu Item:

The Groups Menu item gives you an overview of a group and its students.

groups menu

Once you have selected a group you can do the following:

    1. Message to the group – if you click here, it will take you to the Message Menu Item and you can send a message. There is an overview of sending messages here.
    2. Grades – you can print out a report here on students attendance, grade results etc.,
    3. Attendance – if you click here, you will be taken to the attendance menu item.
    4. Calendar – clicking here will take you to the calendar for the group.
    5. Study Aims – Your academic director can add here what the students’ aims and needs are from their studies in this group.

Group Student Details:

(The first three items are added to the system via the Attendance Menu Item)

  1. The “Attendance statuses” tell you how many attendances other than present they have received.
  2. “Attendance” is their percentage present.
  3. “No Homework” shows the number of homework assignments not done.
  4. “Average” shows their average grade marks. (These are entered into the system via the Grades Menu Item.)

The icons at the end are:

Edit Student's Details Edit student’s details – you can enter data into the student’s details card if you are authorised.

student gradesStudent Grades – you can see the grades a student has been given in all their groups.

student history Student History – here you can add comments to go on the student’s end of course report.

AttendanceAttendance – this takes you to the attendance of the student for this group.

Send message to studentSend message to student – you can send a system message to the student from here.

Send message to parentSend message to parent – you can send a system message to the student’s parent from here.