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January 21, 2018Karol Wojtyła

SchoolMate has linked with LearnCube, a company which offers an online lesson platform, so that you can create and teach online lessons via your SchoolMate account.

You could just open an account with LearnCube but the advantage of linking with your SchoolMate account is:

  • You will be using data that you have already created in SchoolMate such as lessons, students contact details.
  • Students are enrolled in lessons in SchoolMate and you will have an accurate record of what happened and when. Lessons will, therefore, be calculated and consumed accurately.

There is a tutorial on how to link your SchoolMate account to LearnCube here

Creating Online Lessons in SchoolMate:

SchoolMate is able to link with four online platforms where your online lessons can take place: Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and LearnCube. With the first two you add the meeting link to the lessons. With Zoom and LearnCube there is a little more to do.

Firstly, you need to create the lessons; there are tutorials on how to create lessons hereThe main thing is that after adding the day, time and teacher on the “Basic Information” card you go to the “Custom settings” and click “Lesson available on-line”.

  1. Generally, you do not need to put anything here; all the standard information is on the Basic Information card. The information here is for non-standard lessons, i.e. they do not take place weekly, they have different start and finish dates to the group dates.
  2. Click “Lesson available on-line”.
  3. Once you click “Lesson available on-line”, this select box will appear. If your lessons will take place on Google Meets or Microsoft Teams, select “Meeting Link” from the drop-down and enter the meeting link in the box that appears.
  4. Click “Save & Close”.

creating online lessons

After you have entered all the information and clicked Save & Close you will be taken back to the “Classes generator” card.

generate lessons

and when you click “Generate classes” the lessons will be created as being online:

on-line lessons

It can take a few minutes for minutes for on-line lessons created in SchoolMate to appear in LearnCube. 

What if not every lesson is on-line, just one or two?

You can edit individual or blocks of lessons as shown here, but all you need to do is click the edit button:edit lesson

and then change the lesson type and select the platform and follow the instructions above depending on which platform you are using:

Change lesson type

and the lesson will not be an online one:

lesson changed

There is a tutorial for teachers on teaching an online lesson here. 

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