Student Prospects

May 22, 2018Karol Wojtyła

Student prospects are potential students who might enrol in your school. They are created automatically when a potential student completes and sends a registration form from the contact page on your school’s website. They appear on the Main Page and a card is created for them. For prospects to appear here your school must be using the Registration Module.

Student prospects are stored here:

Student Prospects

Student Prospects Card:

The first tab contains the personal information.

  1. Click Add student to convert them to a student so they can be placed in lessons etc.,
  2. Click Edit to change their details.
  3. Click Remove to delete the prospect.
  4. Click Archive to place them in the archives.

student prospects card

Test Results:

If the student completed a test on your registration form the result will be displayed here.

Available Hours:

If your registration form asks prospects for their preferred days and times they will be displayed here. You can add and edit information by clicking Turn on edit mode. This works in exactly the same way as on the student card; there is a full description here.

available hours