September 29, 2018 Karol Wojtyła

With this module you can easily create anonymous surveys and send them to students, parents and teachers. It gives you the opportunity to easily see, for example, how satisfied students are with your services.

To Create a Survey:

  1. Go to Surveys in the main menu.
  2. Go to Surveys in the sub menu.

how to create a survey

Click Add survey:

click add survey

Add the information about the survey:

  1. Give the survey a name
  2. Where will the survey be displayed. There are two options:
    • Side bar. This means the survey will be on the users dashboard after they log in, as shown here:survey on dashboard
    • After log in. This means the survey will appear before the user gets to their dashboard.
  3. Select a label from the drop-downs to attach to the survey. Labels for surveys are explained here.

survey information