Teaching an On-line Lesson

May 19, 2018 Karol Wojtyła

If your school is using SchoolMate to link with LearnCube to provide on-line lessons, this tutorial will show you to start the lesson.

The information below is all in Class Details. There is a full tutorial on Class Details here

How do I know which lessons are online?

A group may have a mixture of on-line and classroom based lessons. After you have logged in to your SchoolMate account:

  1. Go to Classes – Class Details
  2. Select a Group or leave empty to see all Groups.
  3. Select the period for which you want to see lessons.
  4. On-line lessons are marked like this.

teaching an on-line lesson

How do I start an on-line lesson?

Click on 5. in the screen shot above and the following will appear. Click the Online lesson button.

on-line lesson button

This will switch you to LearnCube and you will see the following message:

LearnCube message

When loading is finished your computer speakers, microphone and video will be checked. Then click Next.

review set-up

and then you will do a quick test by ticking the boxes:


While you have been doing these tests your students will have been sent a message inviting them to the lesson:

student message

When your tests are completed you will enter the virtual classroom. Click Next:

virtual classroom